Find LLF Veggies

For the latest and greatest, visit the Laughing Loon Farm Facebook page, but here are some of our wonderful restaurant partners:

  • The Bon Appetit Caf at St. Olaf College
  • Common Roots Cafe
  • The Craftsman Restaurant
  • The Minnesota Valley Country Club
  • The Bachelor Farmer
  • Carleton College’s Bon Appetit cafe
  • …and more!

2 Responses to Find LLF Veggies

  1. Aly says:

    Awesome! I just learned about your farm from a Bon Appetit post on Facebook. I’m really passionate about sustainable agriculture and just got involved in the Real Food Challenge. I’m really excited you’re in Northfield! What sorts of produce do you supply to the Caf?

    • admin says:

      Hey Aly! Thanks for the comment! You should come out this Saturday from 1-4 for a fun work day at the farm. Check out our photo gallery for tons of pictures of what we grow–it’s everything from heirloom tomatoes to cukes to eggplant to herbs to spinach! Keep in touch, check us out on FB and Twitter. Thanks Aly!

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