About the Farmers

Want to join the team? We are hiring several interns for the 2012 season! Apply today.

Dayna Burtness is the owner and lead farmer of Laughing Loon Farm:

Starting Laughing Loon Farm is the dream I’ve had since my first farm internship back in 2005.  I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis and didn’t know ANYTHING about food until my freshman year at St. Olaf College.  My environmental studies classes kept talking about the negative effects of industrial agriculture and I wanted to get a first-hand look at the alternative, so I signed up for a season at Foxtail Farm CSA. I fell in love with working hard, eating fresh food, and feeding my neighbors.  Future goals for the farm include incorporating livestock into my crop rotation, implementing more season extension, and buying my own farm someday.  When I’m not farming, you can find me taking Ruby for walks, watching farming webinars (and ok, lots of movies!), or salsa dancing on Thursday nights in Minneapolis.

Ruby Rae Burtness-Nguyen is the official farmdog of Laughing Loon Farm:

Arf arf. I love chasing squirrels, going to the dog park, running around with summer squash in my mouth, and jumping into lakes. I’m named after the Ruby Rae at Pizza Luce. My mom runs Laughing Loon Farm and my dad runs the Tea Garden tea cafes up in the Cities. I’m almost 2 and I have the schweetest face in the world. Arf arf!


2 Responses to About the Farmers

  1. We grow organically, including buying cowsmo potting soil for our transplants, but are not certified. We have a lot of sweet and hot pepper plants left from our spring sales of baby pepper and tomato plants. Would they be of any use to you?

  2. Lynn Migdal says:

    I saw your story on WCCO last night. I work during the week but I could help on the weekends. Please let me know what hours you plan on working on the weekends and I’ll come down. I live in Bloomington so it’s not too far. I really would like to help.

    Lynn Migdal

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